The only constant
is change.

The landscape for professional athletes is continually changing -

Sponsorships, sport broadcasts, social media and now a global pandemic that has shifted the perceptions of value and added or subtracted required skillsets. We spoke with the team from Wild Air Sports on their podcast about how the Covid pandemic has changed the game for professional and aspiring athletes.

The behind the scenes world of being a professional athlete is not often understood clearly from those on the outside, Doug Bird(owner of Wild Air) and myself have been fortunate enough to have seen it from all angles as athletes ourselves(in a past life very long ago), from a brand perspective, as event organisors as well as working with some top professional athletes in various sporting codes.

Listen now

I have known Doug for a number of years and those who follow the All Ride show will know when we get together there is a lot of talking and this was no different where we covered a wide range of topics from:

How do you make the "dream" become a reality?
What are the common mistakes that athletes are making?
How do I understand my value to a brand and make sure I'm not over or underselling myself?

We hope what we have shared will help you on your sporting career journey and assist you in evaluating and presenting your value to sponsors. We are going to continue chatting to professionals to share their knowledge to try assist you in your career.

Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message and we will always try our best to help out, you may even have a topic that we can explain that will assist/inform other athletes as well. 

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