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With over 20 years of experience in the sporting space, OneMovement Management assists athletes in facilitating sponsorship agreements and manage expectations in order to strengthen the partnership between athletes and brands with the aim of creating longevity. We like to work with the brand to assist in fully leveraging the athlete to attain positive outcomes. We look to align the athlete with the brand when it comes to creating content and promoting the brand and its products. Exceeding the expectations of the brand and inevitably showing a measurable return on investment.

We strongly believe that sponsorships are nothing without relationships, we pride ourselves in the relationships we build with both our athletes and network of brands. We build these relationships through communication, respect and honesty, never over promising and always striving to over deliver. 


Sponsorships are nothing without relationships.

We focus on the individuals brand and needs in order to set a plan to best benefit the athlete. Assisting the athlete in understanding and achieving their full value by looking at opportunities beyond their competitive career.

We use a boutique approach to tailor our offering for each athlete with services from brand development, marketing, contract negotiation and planning for after sport.

We also source professional services for training and conditioning, financial and legal advice when required.


Our aim is to assist athletes in their sporting journey.

We have noticed that there isn’t enough information freely available for aspiring athletes to
educate/guide them on how to approach a sponsor and really understanding what it takes and means to be sponsored.

We hope to use our own past experiences as well as utilising our contacts in the sports marketing space as well as some top athletes both past and present to share their knowledge with you to better equip you moving forward in your particular sport when you are considering approaching a sponsor.

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